The Years Best Science Fiction & Fantasy, 2012 Edition

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Air Logic , Laurie J. Cover by Kathleen Jennings. You might not believe me, but this is the truth: Laurie J. They achieve the same depth, the same spellbinding quality, and the same sense of falling entire into a world on the page, tethered to real life As Boucher informs us, the news came unexpectedly via Twitter. Submissions for short story or novel beginnings from 5, to 10, words will open October 1, and close January 31, Eerie, ambiguous, sly, multivalent, sensitive to the nuanced emotional weather of the protagonists, highly naturalistic despite the weirdness….

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Paul Park has always had a rather sidewise relationship with science fiction and fantasy. His early novels demonstrated a sophisticated awareness of the literary possibilities of the far-future, dying-Earth theme, and his vastly underappreciated A Princess of Roumania series was as carefully worked-out an alternate history as you could ask for — except that The store will carry new and used books, with a specialty in Small Beer Press titles.

The winner, finalists, and honorable mentions for the Salam Award for Imaginative Fiction have been announced:. Several stories fall into the realm of SF or fantasy, with such elements as superheroes, alternate realities, and a canine narrator. This is the first collection from Bob-Waksberg, better known as the creator October 7, locusmag 1.

September 16, locusmag 0. September 9, locusmag 0. September 2, locusmag October 7, locusmag 0. October 5, locusmag 4. October 4, locusmag 2. In fact, any criticism leveled at the film tended to be about how ludicrous it had to be to stretch credulity to justify the found-footage conceit at times.

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Few moaned about having to stretch credulity to believe that a slacker teen could fly. Broken ones, mainly. While the film has many grim moments, it also has moments filled with an intoxicating joie de vivre, especially when Andrew and his friends are learning to fly. This possibly has less to do with the FX and more to do with the performances and direction. Chronicle also boasts a stunning final battle. In a year dominated by prequels, sequels and trips to long-established worlds, Looper scores points simply for being set in an entirely new universe.

Working with the highest of high concepts — a hitman employed to kill victims sent back from the future misses when his older self is the target — Johnson packs the film with time travel, action, family drama and loads more, not to mention a couple of dramatic curveballs. But this just means that when you look at both lists you'll find even more recommendations for great books to read.

Come and see the results of the the votes you and your fellow SF Site readers submitted. Whether your own personal favourite is on our Readers' Choice Best of , you're sure to find some great books here. Johnson Here we are again, time to dig through a year's worth of reading and try to decide which books belong on the list of personal favorites.

All in all, Greg would say was a very good year, good enough so that the main problem was not in finding enough titles to make the list, but instead the problem was cutting titles that in many other years would have been automatic inclusions. We had a good rate of participation this year, and some very interesting choices. Thanks to everyone who participated. One suprise is how little overlap there is with the Best Read of the Year: list. It's almost like we weren't even reading the same books.

But the good thing about that is it means there are even more great recommendations to be found by looking through both lists. As usual, we have a few surprises in store. The biggest surprise for Neil was our number one best read of -- but we'll get to that in due time. As many of our long-time readers already know, we can never quite manage to narrow down our Top 10 list to a mere 10 books.

Every year the editors, reviewers, interviewers and other contributors to the SF Site are solicited for their top picks, and the results are compiled and amalgamated into this annual list. Because of the way we decided to weigh and calculate the results 10 years ago, we almost inevitably end up with a few ties on the list. Johnson While there may not have been one or two books that obviously stood out from the rest this year, it turned out to be no problem making up a list of ten books that made more memorable reading, worthy of being highly recommended to others.

The one problem that did present itself was the nagging realisation that, if this list wasn't expressly limited to print, an intruder from the realm of televised media could have made it onto the list. This time, however, we were surprised to find that the top two books chosen by the SF Site Readership hadn't even made it at all onto the Editors' Choice Top Oh, your top 2 choices received votes from the Contributors and Editors here, but they just didn't make it onto our Best of the Year recommendations -- and not because we don't think they're excellent books.

Perhaps it was simply because there was just too much to choose from. At any rate, we're glad the lists are a little different from each other this year, because it gives us an opportunity to highlight an even wider array of great books.

The Year's Best Science Fiction & Fantasy Series by Rich Horton

Read on to see what you and your fellow SF Site readers considered to be among the best books of We've never fudged the numbers, which means that we always present ties exactly as they came out in the voting. Usually, however, there is a clear winner in the number one spot -- a runaway lead that leaves everything else far behind. This year was different. Johnson Getting ready to make his best of the year list, Greg takes all the books he has read in the last year that qualify and pile them on top of one of his bookcases.

It gives him a good look at them, and also is a good way to get an overall impression of what kind of year it was for readers of science fiction, fantasy, and all the related fictions that appear in the space of a year. This time, two observations were readily apparent. The results are in, and the Top 10 Readers' Choice Best Books of are a healthy mix of science fiction, fantasy, and other genre-bending, boundary-blurring work. You're invited to compare this list to the Editors' Choice Top 10 Books of to see what the SF Site staff recommends and where there is some overlap in what you, the readers, have chosen.

We hope you find the same thing, because we've polled the SF Site contributors, reviewers and editors and come up with the following titles which are what collectively we consider to be among the best of the past year. Best of compiled by Greg L. Johnson was a good year for science fiction, with more worthwhile titles than will fit comfortably into a top ten list. Still, with the usual caveat that the choices were limited to books I have actually read, here is such a list.

None of us can read enough to definitively declare what constitutes the best, but out of what I read this year, these are the books I enjoyed the most and would heartily recommend to readers of science fiction. As much effort as these kinds of Awards are to do, the rewards for the diligent compiler are considerable. For 22 generations, the Akarans have presided over the empire of Acacia. And for 22 generations, they've sent a yearly shipment of child slaves to mysterious traders beyond their borders, "with no questions asked, no conditions imposed on what they did with them, and no possibility that the children would ever see Acacia again.

Durham sacrifices nothing — not psychological acuity, not political complexity, not lyrical phrases — as he drives the plot of this gripping book forward. The names of people and places sound as if they've been recalled from a dusty past, not cobbled from J.

Tolkien's Middle Earth, a far too common practice among fantasy writers. Tropes that sound outlandish — "dream-travel," for one — are credible in Durham's telling. And the story always surprises. Characters that seem poised to take center stage are killed abruptly. Evil often triumphs. The Long List Anthology Volume 2. The Rhesus Chart. Charles Stross.

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