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Approx 20 min - 1 hr People of all cultures, languages and religions throughout history have drawn deep symbolic meaning from the humble stone.

The Prayer Josh Groban Angie Stone

You may wish to focus your prayer on a specific least-reached people group see website for info Activity Introduce this activity as a time for prayerful contemplation Invite people to come and choose a stone that best reflects how they are currently feeling. Ask people to also take a marker.

Prayer Groups

While people are holding their stone invite them to think about the stone they chose — e. How does it feel in your hand?

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Open this time with a simple prayer recognising that God our rock and redeemer is present with us. Read aloud Psalm Let people know that the first reading is for personal prayer.

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God tells us to call on Him, and He will show us great and mighty things. We made Joshua Jar to help you see God at work.

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Place the rock beside the Joshua Jar until you receive an answer to your prayer. When you receive the answer to your prayer, place the stone inside the jar.

Keep the jar on your desk at work or at home as a constant reminder of how many times God has answered your prayers. When you feel the texture of the rock, let it remind you that life isn't always smooth, so you need to pray.

Prayer Stones

Place the prayer rock on your keyring, necklace, or in your pocket as a reminder throughout the day to instantly pray for your special prayer requests. Joshua Jar Combo Specials. Visit the Online Store.