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The Young Punx remain enigmatic in terms of style, blurring the lines and combining a vast array of genres to create their own eclectic sonic landscape. They fall into them like an alcoholic to drink. I am massively idea based. What would happen if you made the shipping forecast into a rap? What would happen if a ragga vocalist sang over surf guitars? Can we put a shred metal guitar solo onto a house track?

What would happen if Amanda Palmer and Peaches rapped about female body hair over a hip-hop beat?

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Can we make a list of everything that comes into our head that is no longer around and make it into a track that breaks your heart? How about recording an entire big band entirely on s equipment, then making it into a dance track? These are the genuine stupid ideas that wake us up in the middle of the night then challenge us to make them into reality.

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Sporadically, including regular collaborations with legendary indie rapper Count Bass D and, probably the most skilled guitar player of all time, Guthrie Govan. We rather have the opposite going on, where if you look under the covers of our tracks you will find some of the greatest musicians around, such as performances with Basement Jaxx, Jamiroquai, Elbow, Sigma etc all jamming un-featured, and often performing in a totally different musical persona to the one you are used to hearing them as.

We often try and have anyone from the crowd who wants to come up join us for a party on the stage, sometimes to the chagrin of the security guards, who need to be coaxed into understanding that the audience IS the show in many ways, and that barrier can be broken by having the crowd join the band as much as by the band crowd surfing. We always tried to dismantle the concept of the DJ as a cold aloof tastemaker. The difference between a great gig and a lame gig with the same act is usually more a function of the crowd than the act.

The best nights are always thanks to an amazing crowd. There is a massive difference in crowds around the world. In Japan, the crowd seems to arrive with a pact that you are there to lead them in entertainment, and the more you give to them the more they give back. If you tried that in most London venues they would just laugh at you.

A Bon Jovi gig? I have no love of playing prepared sets or prerecorded sets of any kind. Live music is only ever exciting if every night has the potential to be different and mould to the tastes and mood of the audience.

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The audience has to be part of the feedback loop, not just a passive listener. If a band has a set list, or even backing tracks, there must be some scope for improvisation. As a DJ I only really enjoy it if I am deciding the next track to play during the last 30 seconds of the previous track. If you know where you are going there is no excitement. The Young Punx project has a very diverse sound, almost to the point of making no sense at all — but it actually has a very consistent production technique.

The Playground Project

We emerged out of the mashup scene — which was all about discovering the exciting surprises that come up when you combine 2 totally different sounds that were never meant to go together. This approach attempts to engage teachers in an array of dynamic, visually-rich sets of tasks designed to challenge teachers' preconceptions of proportions and to strengthen their connections between proportions and related areas of mathematics.

The software will be designed to support either numeric manipulation e. Specifically, for this project the mathematics of interest will include the relationships between similarity and proportion and the nature of covariation. The research will focus on how teachers are developing a robust and coherent understanding of proportions and how the dynamic environment promotes such understandings. Working with six teacher advisors, the project will develop three task sets.

Using teaching experiments and individual interviews, results will be used to refine the task sets. Newport named Age-Friendly Community. Salve Regina University to open new digital forensics and nursing laboratories at Warwick campus.

Rhode Island Kids Count to host a community discussion on Newport children and families. Follow us on Instagram whatsupnewp.

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