The Circle of Initiates (Kolo Vtaemnychenyh)

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It was one of the top 10 films in The acting, the costumnes, the settings, the cinematography are all excellent. Included in the package is a second DVD with a bonus called "Corrie" in which Corrie ten Boom tells more about her experiences and the making of the movie. Ebooks

I bought this film because I wanted to see it again, and also so I could share it with family and friends. The story is timeless. It's a real tribute to the power of faith and love. I had read her books. I had seen her on Merv Griffin and Mike Douglas years ago.

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She was an amazing woman who praised God all of the time,when interviewed. What was wonderful about that,it was not unusual to mention God on tv,everyone loved and believed in Him back then. But you still have that clench of fear in your mind,tapping away,wondering when they will hear the buzzer and realize they've been had. Why the smoke smells like it does.. I was not disappointed at all with any of it. I felt that I was not sitting in my Lazy Boy recliner,but that I was with her,crying with her for her losses,and her doubts and fears.

I love the ending,which is a beautifully scripted surprise. It adds a depth of "real personal" achievement to a well deserved soul. So thankful this movie has been made. I am grateful I received this movie. Dy guide for harvey fiersteins torch song trilogy drama for studentsa st. Ebooks

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If you don't know Corrie ten Boom's story, it is one not to miss and this movie is an excellent place to start. I don't want to give away too much from the movie, but Corrie's faith and indeed the entire family's faith is certainly tested in very significant ways. I think most of us, even though we know that horrible horrible things happened at the hand of the Nazis, find it easy to forget just how horribly evil that evil can be.

Klaire D. Roy on The Circle of Initiates

This film, though definitely sanitized, once again reminds us of the evil that lurks within men's hearts often behind-the-scenes, just waiting for an opportunity to burst out. For those with children, you do need to know that this is an intense film due to its subject matter and deaths do occur in the movie.

There's plenty of great family discussion topics that can be gleaned from this movie. Like a number of other Christian movies, this movie does have a reasonably strong undercurrent that whatever God allows in our lives must be His will for us because the logic dictates that if it wasn't His will, He wouldn't allow it to happen.

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I'm much less inclined towards that view these days as I see a distinction between God allowing something i. If God always interceded in our affairs according to His will, it would be Heaven on Earth now and our choices as humans would be of no effect. There's definitely a mystery to it all.

But this movie, mirroring the thoughts of many Christians, does have that undercurrent that if we experience pain and suffering, then it must be because God wants us to experience it.

The Hiding Place Girl by Robin Martin

With that said, this movie does showcase what tough faith looks like even when you don't understand the "why" and ultimately we see how God uses all that happened even to reach many through the telling of Corrie's story. This is definitely a worthwhile movie. Wonderful movie and an amazing true story.

The first part of the film takes place in Holland and details their clandestine activies in the underground.