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The bastard daughter of an innkeeper, Felicia knows she is destined for an uneventful life. But then she catches the eye of the Duke of Cabria — cruel, spiteful, and utterly obsessed with her — and becomes his mistress. Her life is suddenly anything but uneventful as she enters the violent politics of Renaissance Italy. The silver devil himself is also a completely unique character, but probably the truest representation of a Machiavellian antihero in fiction.

Warning: it was published in , so there are bodice ripper elements. Savour them. Princess Ai Lee is forced to flee home before her wedding, armed only with a pair of delicate butterfly swords. When she comes across Ryam, a jaded blue-eyed warrior, she hires him to help her get back to her family and warn them of the impending danger. Set during the infamous Tang Dynasty of China, this book features a sweet romance against a backdrop of intrigue and plotting royalty.

He expects to be bored stiff.

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What we have here is a long, slow-burn-yet-sexy romance set in , during the Civil War. There are shades of Romeo and Juliet with the whole Cavalier vs Roundhead conflict. Riley also has other unusual historical romances in this period.

Louisa Cantwell is a mercenary. Enter Felix, Lord Rivendale.

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The setting of Victorian England is nothing special, but the characters are wonderful. Louisa is a perfectly ordinary heroine without either impressive looks or impressive brains. Delilah is vivacious, slightly materialistic, and quite willing to pull a pistol on anyone who rubs her the wrong way. Meanwhile, inoffensive beta hero Jack Langdon stumbles into her path of destruction…. Celeste Newsome is a notorious girl.

A dancer in New York, she uses men and alcohol to numb her demons. Then along comes Shane Brennan, a prizefighter determined to get under her defenses. This book, as well as being a cute romance, was a very interesting look at the racial situation of the time.

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This looks like an average Regency noble, complete with duke, but…it has the wackiest plot ever. Unusual historical romances, here I come! To his horror, he discovers someone has shaved him and given him a mortifying tattoo. A pair of English women hire Najja, an African assassin, to protect them. In the course of her duties she meets Colin Faulkner, Earl of Clifton. But they can never be together, because the year is , and an entire continent — plus her loyalty to her father — lie between them. Najja is a great heroine, and Burke writes some excellent sexual tension between her and Colin.

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The entire concept of her training and occupation makes this one of the more unusual historical romances! A wager presents itself.

By Charles Whibley

In six weeks, can she turn a poor working man into one who passes for a viscount? This reverse twist on the Pygmalion story is carried off by the heroine who having fallen on hard times works as a linguist, as well as the refreshingly non-tortured hero. Rhine Fontaine is a successful saloon owner with political aspirations.

The setting totally makes the book. A great addition to the world of unusual historical romances!

Lily was 12 years old when the Sharpe gang murdered her parents and adopted her. The heroine of this Western is very similar to Morganna first book in this list. Both are intensely reserved, struggle with expressing their emotions, and end up with charming heroes strong enough to withstand their ice.

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Lily is a lot more ruthless though. This is where Oliver Woodruff comes in. Oliver is a beta male while Mattie is decidedly an alpha. This one interweaves three separate romances, in two different periods. First we have Peggy Grahame, a year-old girl who goes to live with her uncle Enos. It soon transpires that her house is filled with the ghosts of her Colonial ancestors. As they relate to her their own humorous, frustrating and romantic life stories, Peggy develops a flirtation with a local scholar against whom her uncle has a mysterious grudge.

With a publication date of , this is the second-oldest book on my list and one of the absolute best. I only wish this book were longer! One of the most unusual historical romances out there! Sahl cracking wise about Donald J. Bruce often poked fun at the liberals of his day. What animated most of his best work was an aversion to moralism that seems out of step in an age of internet outrage.

This cynical jab deftly reduces principles to inherited customs and displays a gift for intelligent wordplay. Instead, he used a jazzy rhythm and spoke quickly, in bursts of stammering digressions that mixed repurposed Yiddish with rhetorical turns of phrases that aimed for literary pleasures. If Mr. His knowing, elusive style might better fit into one of the alternative niches in the comedy scene.

24 Unusual Historical Romances You Absolutely Need to Read

While he joked about religion and language, his main preoccupation was show business. Time and again, he framed grave events in its context. He imagined Adolf Hitler as the creation of talent agents. In his first show after John F. Many of his most ambitious set pieces examined the thorny relationship between the performer and the audience, with sensitivity to the dangers of pandering. He had a wonderful and long character sketch of a hack comic desperate to play a more prestigious theater that would make a great short story.

Eventually, they track down the Lone Ranger and he explains that he rides away because if he received any adulation, he would become addicted to gratitude, turning down cries for help to bask in attention. Bruce turns the Lone Ranger into just another neurotic performer, one ego trip away from losing his work. The bit ends with a tired joke imagining the hero as gay, which may have been new in the s Eddie Murphy used a similar premise when he pondered a gay Mr. Bruce today is that all comedy bombs with future generations.

While I disagree — presumably as audiences who still laugh at Falstaff or the great silent film comedies would — all art is the product of its time and place. And no comic is fashionable forever. Bruce understood this better than most.