Render Unto the Valley

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Under Orthodox procedures, a national church usually gains independence by negotiation with its erstwhile masters. Bishop Jovan's camp says it is not against Macedonian self-government—but it must be negotiated, not asserted unilaterally.

The first step should be reconciliation with Serbia. But to many people in Skopje including those with zero interest in religion this stance means betrayal of a country that is fighting an unequal battle to win the world's respect. That is the background to the authorities' egregious treatment of Bishop Jovan. His dastardly crimes include printing calendars that reflect his view of church affairs, under which his authority is legitimate and that of his critics is not. The Supreme Court in Skopje may yet release him; but Bishop Jovan also faces separate charges of embezzling funds.

Meanwhile his opponents feel they are the victims. His suspicions do not end there.

He reckons that by meddling in Macedonian church politics, Serbia's authorities—both political and religious—are gearing up for a bigger contest in Montenegro, where a vote on independence may be held next year. Bishop Naum may be exaggerating the tension in Montenegro, but his suspicions are not wholly absurd. To backers of independence, this act seemed like a provocation, organised from Belgrade. Father Velibor Dzomic, a Serbian Orthodox priest in Podgorica, the Montenegrin capital, disagrees: he says all his church wants is equality under the law—and protection from a new Montenegrin Orthodox church that challenges its status.

Even as they proclaim their love of Serbia, some priests in Montenegro give the impression that they are hedging their political bets and preparing for the day when Montenegro's ties with Belgrade are broken. Could this be so? Join them.

Render Unto the Valley

Subscribe to The Economist today. As frustrating as the fee might be, it is not as pricey as surcharges at other airports. Exit fees in Sacramento, Calif. Ed is taking political action: Whatever happened to the plans to widen the in the northwest and bring it up to freeway standards?

Also the Interstate and Highway 95 interchange?


I have lived in the northwest for over seven years and have put up with the signals and stop-and-go traffic on the How much time and gasoline have been wasted due to their political decision? They refused to use a less expensive, nonunion, state-licensed contractor. I only wish they had to use the two times a day, five days a week, 52 weeks per year. As a result of their decision, I have refused, and encouraged my neighbors to do likewise, to vote for any past or present commissioner when they are running for any political office.

So, in conclusion, what is happening? Fisher sued the county and ordered the project stopped, claiming commissioners were biased toward union contractors.

Render Unto Caesar

In , a federal judge ruled that Commissioner Tom Collins, a union-friendly official, could not participate in future discussions about the contract. The project was awarded in April and probably would have been finished by now were it not for these lawsuits. But word at the county has it that the project will not go forward until the lawsuits are settled. Sorry Ed, your commuting frustrations are understood. Gregory wants a hookup: Would you be able to supply any update on the plans to extend or connect Galleria Drive in Henderson?

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This connection would create another access to Highway 95 for those living in Tuscany Village and Calico Ridge communities, rather than using Lake Mead or Boulder Highway to get on highway. Hopefully soon. Landwell, the developers of the Tuscany Village and Weston Hills communities are responsible for completing Galleria from Pabco Road to the western fringes of those neighborhoods per its development agreement with the city.

The holdup is clearance from the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection to proceed. The city already has approved the plans for the road, so once the environmental division gives the go-ahead, work will start. There are parts of Russell where there is only one lane, and the markings are really in bad shape. Since the opening of Russell to Durango is now open, the traffic has increased on Russell. Javascript is not enabled in your browser.


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NOOK Book. She must straddle the divide between the staunchly independent mountain culture she comes from and the sophisticated world she had become a part of, while wrestling her dangerously cunning brother for the farm. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book!

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