Making Of Asian America: Through Political Participation (Mapping Racisms)

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Download it once and read it on. Table of contents. Moreover, from the perspective of this group of people, knowing whether a marriage partner has family history of mental illness with genetic basis is fairly important. Census Bureau definition of Asians refers to a person having origins in any of the original peoples of the Far East, Southeast Asia, or the Indian subcontinent. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ethnic group. It has been suggested that American-born Chinese be merged into this article.

Main article: List of U. This section needs additional citations for verification.

What Do Exit Polls Tell Us About Asian American Voting Patterns?

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Main article: Chinese language and varieties in the United States. Main article: Model minority. For a more comprehensive list, see List of Chinese Americans.

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Redistricting, Race, and the Voting Rights Act | National Affairs

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Ebook Caribbean Racisms: Connections and Complexities in the Racialization of the Caribbean

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National Public Radio. Fox News. University of Maryland.

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Retrieved 10 May Yisei Magazine. Retrieved 2 December Inquiries Journal. Parenting Science. Inside Higher Ed. Retrieved 26 February Then there is the question of who applies to competitive colleges: the NELS data show that 30 percent of Asian American applicants do, compared to 18 percent of white students and 10 percent of black and Latino students. Duke Chronicle. Conditions in multiunit residential buildings, including whether indoor smoking is permitted, are another dimension of housing that can affect health outcomes.

Box Neighborhoods matter for a number of reasons, including their influence on physical safety and access to opportunity. The U. Housing authorities. Families chosen for the experimental group receive tenant-based Section 8 rental assistance that helps pay their rent, as well as housing counseling to help them find and successfully use housing in low-poverty areas.

Two control groups are included to test the effects of the program: one group already receiving Section 8 assistance and another just coming into the Section 8 program.

HUD, n. For homeless people, a lack of stable housing contributes to disparities in the social determinants. In addition to having direct ties with lack of employment and income, a lack of housing is also associated with greater barriers to education, lower levels of food security, and reduced public safety. Compared to the overall population, homeless people have shorter life expectancies, which are attributable to higher rates of substance abuse, infectious disease, and violence Baggett et al.

Infectious diseases—including HIV, tuberculosis, and heart disease—have all been linked to shorter life expectancies among homeless people Fazel et al. Other studies have found drug overdose, cancer, and heart disease to be the greatest causes of death among the homeless, with greater barriers to and lower rates of screening, diagnosis, and treatment as contributing factors Baggett et al. Neighborhoods generally change slowly, but urban neighborhoods are seeing dramatic shifts in demographics and property value and over time are becoming more segregated by income Zuk et al. Gentrification—the process of renewal and rebuilding, which precedes the influx of new, more affluent residents—is a trend that is being observed in urban centers around the country McKinnish et al.

While the literature linking the process of gentrification to health outcomes is not definitive, there is substantial evidence that connects displacement and health outcomes Zuk et al. Displacement can occur as a direct result of a policy or program Freeman and Braconi, , because of recent development and property value increases in an area, or as a result of exclusion from a property for various reasons Levy et al.

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Displacement has major implications for housing, other social determinants, and the health of communities. According to the CDC, displacement exacerbates health disparities by limiting access to healthy housing, healthy food options, transportation, quality schools, bicycle and walk paths, exercise facilities, and social networks CDC, Displacement can result in financial hardship, reducing disposable income for essential goods and services. This can have a negative impact on the health of the displaced population, with income being a significant determinant of health CDC, The physical environment reflects the place, including the human-made physical components, design, permitted use of space, and the natural environment.

Specific features of the physical or built environment include, but are not limited to, parks and open space, what is sold and how it is promoted, how a place looks and feels, air, water, soil, and arts and cultural expression Davis et al. All of these physical factors shape the safety, accessibility, and livability of any locale, thus providing the context in which people live, learn, work, and play. This has direct implications for health. The physical environment contributes to 10 percent of health outcomes Remington et al. Additionally, 40 percent of health outcomes depend on social and economic factors, which are intricately tied to the features of the physical environment Remington et al.

Inequities observed between the different physical environments of states, towns, and neighborhoods contribute to disparate health outcomes among their populations. Exposure to a harmful physical environment is a well-documented threat to community health. Such threats include environmental exposures such as lead, particulate matter, proximity to toxic sites, water contamination, air pollution, and more—all of which are known to increase the incidence of respiratory diseases, various types of cancer, and negative birth outcomes and to decrease life expectancy Wigle et al.

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  • Low-income communities and communities of color have an elevated risk of exposure to environmental hazards Evans and Kantrowitz, Emerging considerations for low-income communities include the resulting gentrification and potential displacement of families when neighborhoods undergo revitalization that is driven by environmental clean-up efforts Anguelovski, Access to green space has been demonstrated to positively affect health in many contexts. Such green space includes both parks and observable greenery. Living in the presence of more green space is associated with a reduced risk of mortality Villeneuve et al.

    Nature has been shown to relieve stress and refocus the mind.