Is justice fulfilled in Ibsens A Dolls House?

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How does Henrik Ibsen through the characterization of Torvald portray the stereotypical macho man? How does she seem at the beginning? How is she different by the end? What do you think causes this change? How is symbolism portrayed through the character of Nora and Torvald? Discuss characters in terms of their behavior and consequences. What larger picture do they serve?

Marital issues: trust, money, raising children, sex. Discuss these issues in domestic drama. Why does Torvald constantly reprimand Nora for her wastefulness and foolishness while simultaneously supporting her behavior? In what ways does Mrs. What was Ibsen saying about marriage? What was he saying about human rights? What symbols did Isben use to reinforce themes not only for symbolic objects and actions, but also the symbolic character Dr. How does the play offer a critique of Victorian society and reflect modernism? Trace the theme of familial corruption in the play.

Which characters exemplify it?

A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen - Summary and Analysis

How and where does Mrs. How do they affect your thematic reading of the piece? What is the hidden side of Nora — the side she hides from her husband, Torvald? What social issues are revealed through diseased individuals? What does Nora do the day after she leaves her family?

A Doll’s House by Norway’s Henrik Ibsen Essay

How are Nora and Torvald evaluated? What crime did Nora commit? Why did she do it? Why did Nora not discuss the problem of the loan with Torvald? What act of heroism did Nora expect from Torvald?

A Doll’s House Essay Topics for Certain Types of Papers

What did Nora intend to do to make amends? Let's see if we can help you! Marriage is another aspect that the play addresses; the main message seems to be that, a true working marriage is a joining of equals.

In the beginning, Helmers looks happy but as the play progress, the imbalance between them becomes apparent. At the end, their marriage breaks because of lack of misunderstanding among them. They fail to realize themselves and to act as equals. Johnston Throughout the play, Nora breaks away from the control of her arrogant husband, Torvald.

Ibsen's Nora and the Confucian Critique of the “Unencumbered Self”

The playwright, Ibsen denies that he wrote a feminist play. Still, throughout the play there is steady talk of women, their traditional roles, and price for them of defying with the traditions.

Introduction: Summary

Men in this play are trapped by general traditional gender responsibilities. They are seen as the chief providers of the family and they should be in charge of supporting the entire household. Men must be the perfect kings of their respective palace. We see these traditional ideas put across at the end of the play.

The men in this play are occupied with their reputation. Some men have the integrity in their society and do anything to protect it. Even if the play setup is in a living room, the public eye is portrayed through the curtains.

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Some characters are financially stable and promise for a free flowing money in the future while others struggle to make the end meet. Ibsen Love has been given a priority in the play where good time has been used on the topic but in the end, Helmers realize that there was their no true love between them. Romantic love is seen for two of the other characters, but for the main character, true love is pathetic Ibsen There are some examples in the play where this aspect is used, in Act 1 where Torvald condemns Krogstad for forgery and not coming forward.

As a reader, you should know that this is very important to Nora because we know that she had committed forgery in the play and kept it a secret from Torvald. When the truth is known and Torvald has been given a chance to save Nora, he is all concerned with his reputation Ibsen He abused her by calling her names such as featherbrain; he is not interested with rescuing Nora is interested on how he escapes out of this mess without affecting his reputation negatively.

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Then, when krogstad brings back the IOU document, Torvald shouts that he is rescued and he has forgiven Nora. Ironically, he did not even consider that she had borrowed the money earlier to save him. The play is set during the holiday period.