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There have also been conflicts over boundaries between villages and individual landowners, but these have been resolved through government mediation and without violence. Women face economic disadvantages in Zanzibar; they typically do not own land or have secure employment and thus have low incomes. Moreover, they were excluded from previous development interventions. CARE is a private nonprofit international organization with a long-term presence in Zanzibar.

CARE planned to sell carbon credits through voluntary carbon markets on behalf of the community , marketing the credits as pro-poor and gender equitable. Previous efforts focused on establishing clear tenure, providing environmental education, protecting biodiversity, protecting and enhancing forests stocks through afforestation or reforestation, and supporting both forest-based and non-forest-based livelihoods. Previous forest conservation efforts were deemed successful because they converted free-access forests into managed forest reserves and significantly reduced illegal forest activities.

HIMA is targeting high biodiversity forests within Zanzibar. The major threats to these forests come from local actors living in the intervention areas who require fuelwood for cooking.

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Small-scale agriculture, illegal charcoal production, NTFP harvest, seaweed farming which requires wood products and forest fires caused by hunting also threaten forest health in Zanzibar. Figure We are not aware of any new activities planned in HIMA aims to avoid deforestation and forest degradation and enhance existing carbon stocks by promoting afforestation and reforestation, improved cooking stoves, and alternative livelihoods such as beekeeping that place less pressure on forest resources.

The low carbon stocks in the existing coral rag forest influenced the initiative to focus on planting trees for fuelwood. This strategy is also intended to generate co-benefits for local communities and for biodiversity conservation. The HIMA proposal set the reference level of deforestation at ha of forest per year in the intervention area.

Project proponents are unsure if this represents an accurate assessment of deforestation rates, but it remains the best estimate available despite plans to update this number. Thus, the initiative is measuring avoided deforestation in relation to this original estimate. One important source of leakage is likely to be charcoal imported from mainland Tanzania. CARE has already worked in the area with a previous version of HIMA; the previous project established Jozani National Park and encouraged surrounding villages to establish village conservation committees to help enforce conservation measures.

Of the 29 villages selected in the pilot project, 17 of them have worked with CARE previously. Those 17 are all on Unguja Island, and the new villages are on Pemba Island.

CARE solicited recommendations from project partners operating in Pemba to identify Pemba villages to participate in the project. HIMA plans to bring benefits through selling carbon credits to approximately 16, rural households estimated at 99, men, women and children living adjacent to the forests in seven districts of Unguja and Pemba Islands.

A variety of institutions also benefit from the project. If carbon credits are sold, Terra Global will recover transaction costs and charge a fee for their help in monitoring and marketing of carbon. JUMIJAZA will share benefits from carbon credits, as they will help find buyers and negotiate prices on behalf of the villages and then deduct their administrative costs from the credit price. CARE also plans to pay communities forest conservation grants before carbon credits have been verified, as an incentive to keep community members engaged and motivated. Local NGOs have assisted with beekeeping, micro-financing, and beach conservation and management — International NGOs have supplied bricks, bicycles, educational support, ecological monitoring and water well improvements — The national government has provided support for beach conservation, tree planting, agriculture, fisheries, seaweed cultivation, health initiatives malaria control and education — All are located on Unguja Island.

Table In most of Tanzania, the village is the most important organizing structure in daily life, but in Unguja where all of the study villages are located , villages are organized into groups of two or three that are referred to as shehias , which are led by a sheha and sheha committee.

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The regional commissioner appoints the sheha , and the sheha appoints the sheha committee with help from the district commissioner Tidemand Local authorities stay in these positions until they choose to step down, at which point another individual is appointed. This is different from the tradition in mainland Tanzania, where the local government is elected by popular vote.

Women participate in forest rule-making and monitoring in ZANZ4 only. Ethnic composition is almost entirely Swahili in all villages, as Zanzibar is the ethnic center for Swahili. Unguja is one of the most developed regions of Tanzania and, as the island is a tourism destination, much of the area has paved roads and electricity. However, while some tourism benefits are felt in the villages via opportunities for business and wage labor, the economies of the villages in South Unguja remain mostly separate from tourism activities.

Instead, most families engage in agriculture and livestock keeping. Reliance on forest products is also much lower than in other regions, primarily because coral rag does not have any large or valuable timber species. Villagers report collecting NTFPs. The relatively high levels of development on Unguja have had an impact on land-use activities and forest cover.

The biggest pressures in Zanzibar, like other regions of Tanzania, come from smallholders living inside the intervention area. Thus, the initiative relies on these smallholders to take actions to reduce carbon emissions. First, controlling leakage into nearby forests remains a substantive challenge, as villagers are accustomed to harvesting wood illegally from nearby forests. One concern about the initiative is whether its benefit-sharing arrangements are fair. It is not clear whether the funds allocated for livelihood enhancement are sufficient for distribution to all target groups.

Households also reported concerns that in the absence of clear land tenure, their agricultural lands will be converted into conservation areas. Stumptown Logline: Inspired by the Oni Press graphic novels, the drama follows Dex Parios, a strong, assertive and unapologetically sharp-witted Army veteran working as a P. Triangle Logline: What if the Bermuda Triangle was not a watery grave in the middle of the ocean, but a land lost in time that has trapped travelers over the course of human history? When a family is shipwrecked in this strange land, they must band together with a group of like-minded inhabitants — from throughout history — to survive and somehow find a way home.

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