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However, Brainy anti-Jacob wants to overthrow him. He can't kill him without eliciting the help of Gargamel John Locke , so he does so, along with Ben Azrael.

Lost: all the mysteries explained, 15 years on

I think the parallel timeline is an unstable tangent universe that isnt sustainable. Kind-of Donnie Darko style. She wanted to tell Sawyer that "it worked" because as she was dying she was being sustained in the tangent universe and could see both very briefly. I think she will have a lot of information when the Losties find her. I'm worried that Sawyer will kill himself before Juliet awakens and tells him she's ok I don't see any way back for him after the latest heartbreak. Jacob said it only had to end once, everything before that is progress I think that requires our losties to go against their nature, Kate to stop running, Jack to have faith etc I really like the season so far and cant wait to see how it all ties in.

I like that they are finding each other in the same ways even in the tangent universe My thought is that the islanders are in another time-warp and that they ultimately will do something that will stop the time-jumping and put them all on the plane just as if nothing had ever happened.

The sequence in LA is a "flash-forward" showing what happened after the sequences on the island. Thus, there are not two alternate universes, just different timelines. Think of it like the time when Jin was having was delivering the stuffed animal to the hospital when Sun was having her baby.

You thought the timelines were similar, but you found that they were actually years apart. Just a thought about Clair. There was a line of people waiting to get a cab as they emptied out of the airport. Perhaps Clair hadn't exited the cab yet to catch a departing flight since Kate jumped in before she could get out??? Just a thought.

Desmond was infected, yet was "cured" by his timely phone call, so death is not the only answer. I can't agree with the "Desmond flashing through time" thought. He started doing that due leaving the island as explained in Season 4 in the episodes prior to The Constant. Since the island didn't exist in the alternate timeline, it could not have affected him in this way. Like a poster asked above, is Lost the title or the plot of the show?? Hey AS — Ethan introduced himself as Dr. Goodspeed — the same last name as Horace on the island. But wasn't Ethan the child of Horace and Amy? Something NBC's "Heroes" began doing once they realized their little mid-season replacement got picked up, and failed miserably.

When the show first aired I was intrigued and wanted to see what was going to happen next. Then Ben, who was the survivors arch enemy, became a friend of the survivors and they started to help him, thats when I stopped watching. It got too stupid after that. Unfortunately, my wife and son started watching it about that time, so now I have to go do something else while they watch this worthless show. In the final episode there will be more questions then answers.

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I'm a LOST fan no pun intended since season 1. But as everything winds down to a close I get a feeling the overall premise and plot line is getting made up as the show pro- di? I really do hope once all is said and done we can look back on the show and say "Wow! This all made total sense!

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Now I need to watch it from the beginning again. But until that time LOST still seems to be a muddled mess. I'm guilty of it too, but we give the writers of Lost too much credit. We think that they've had a grand scheme for the past 5 years when they are actually flying by the seat of their pants. YES there is a general framework they are working around but they definitely have had to regroup every once and a while.

They are doing their best to keep it interesting and yes.. If it made sense, I would not be watching it still. How is the show that is built on leaving fans "wanting more", going to wrap up nice and tight. Still can't wait to see how they do it tho. Jack does know Claire is his sister.

He put it together when Claire's mom talked to him at his dad's funeral. Claire and Sayid are infected by the 'smoke monster' — just like Rousseu's friends way back when.

Finding Lost - Season Six

Jack's Dad was the smoke monster also- he always has been. The smoke monster can take the form of peope who are dead on the island — like when he became Alex to tell Ben to follow Locke — a person he knew he was going to 'be', now that Locke's body is back on the island. Remember when he became Eko's brother? That's because his brother's body was on the island.

Anyway, after everybody gets their stuff together, and Locke is resurrected, he's going to kill the smoke monster and everyone Claire, Sayid, and probably Sawyer until we're done here will turn back to 'normal'.

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Got it? Chang, Desmond was on the plane, he asked Jack about the seat but told the flight attendant told him he could change seats.

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So he did have a seat. I wish ABC would cut out some of the commercials. There's more commercials it seems than actual show. Show is a joke. What storyline?? They've been making this up as they go and it shows. I'd like to thank the producers and writers of Lost for bringing television something other than a big Karaoke show. I'll just suggest that people hate what they don't know or understand. But who knows, right? There's so much crap on TV these days, it's great to have something to watch that bends the mind in all these delicious ways. I also think it's funny how this bit of great TV is weeding out those who'd rather be wall-e style lazy boy sitters man, did that movie nail this concept of lame humanity on the head!

The comments of the clueless make me chuckle.

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Anyone remember how "St. Elsewhere" ended? I hope this whole show isn't the dream of an autistic child. Adam and Eve in the cave are Rose and her husband. I think that Jacob is wrestling with an angel. The angel can't go home until one of them wins. I would greatly enjoy the continuation of this and also the quantum physics "Timeline" , kinda gets you all in a different frame of mind.

Negative replies are ok, cause that's what makes this Great Country Great. Good Luck with all theories here and keep watching, like all good things Lost will come to an end, and those of us that enjoy it, will be saddened, at least for a while.

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