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She gained her form as the leader of The Smell based on an ad for toothpaste. Aberrant timeline: Charlie posed as Queen Elizabeth II and ordered the queen's servants to take her to the room where queen's crown jewels were kept.

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Charlie partied the night away, still in the form of the queen. This caused the real queen to be diagnosed with a mental illness and to be institutionalized, also causing the British monarchy to fail and England to descend into chaos. The queen's "cheeky jig" also launched The Smell's rise to stardom. Current timeline: When the Legends found The Smell's gig, John Constantine and Mick Rory accidentally caused a bar-fight and alerted nearby police officers, who almost apprehended the anti-establishment band members.

The Smell managed to escape in Ray Palmer 's car. When they got to the band's place, Charlie commended Ray, who was American, for being a rebel, as he drove on the wrong side of road. Charlie got a knock on their door and saw their driver, who introduced himself as "Rage", for all the various accounts of fits of rage he had. She introduced herself, allowed him into their abode, and introduced "Rage" to the other band members, who were skeptical of him. Charlie decided to include him in their next scheme, Operation: Mum's Bum.

They drove to St James's Park, near Buckingham Palace, where Charlie tested their aspiring member "Rage" by stealing one of the queen's corgis to teach the hypocrite queen for feeding her dogs to beef Wellington, leaving the poor to starve. Minutes later, they saw "Rage", who was holding the corgi named Sparky , being chased by the guards.

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They opened the door for "Rage" and drove off. To celebrate their accomplishment, Charlie proposed that he should have a tattoo as a statement, and let Gilly give him one with an unsterilized needle. Charlie then declared that she was going to steal the queen's crown jewels with a little bit of magic. Charlie suddenly learned from the other band members that Ray was a "disco narc", and confronted him, before she opened their eyes, telling them the past is just the past, and all that matters is what they aspire to be in the present.

Later, she gave a punk mixtape to "Rage", who revealed his name to be just Ray and what happened to his disco crew, which Charlie remarked to be barmy. She also revealed her shape-shifter physiology and imparted her story of how she got locked up by small-minded humans. When the Legends stormed The Smell's place, Ray tried to persuade Charlie to escape, but was knocked out instead, his A.

Exosuit stolen.

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Charlie tried to knock them all out, but Ray made it in time to disassemble the suit using voice recognition. Zari Tomaz trapped the shape-shifter with her air totem, but Charlie successfully persuaded her to be harmless, shape-shifting into the members of the Legends and into Amaya. John disagreed by casting a spell on Charlie to disable her from using most of her powers, locking her in Amaya Jiwe 's form, and the team locked her up in the lab.

A week later, she met Ava Sharpe , who appreciated the team's initiative of extracting information from her. Charlie tricked Zari and tried to escape, but was eventually caught by Mick, who she had a conversation and drink with. When the team asked Charlie for help with their shtriga situation, Charlie revealed that contrary to popular belief of shtriga being ugly old women, she met one who was a handsome guy. In exchange for the information, Mick, who understood Charlie's beliefs on being imprisoned, freed her. She later returned to the ship with a complete makeover, offered her expertise on magical creatures, on the condition of not imprisoning her, and joined the Waverider crew.

They saw a giant octopus in the film, a creature Charlie didn't recognize. The four Legends then went near Tokyo Bay to find the creature, but found Honda instead, who threw a book into the sea. They questioned the director's actions, when the book came flying back to him, and Charlie recognized it as Brigid's diary. She listened to Honda's story and the creation of the land octopus Tagumo , who was Honda's interpretation of the nukes dropped on Hiroshima. Charlie thought of bonding the book with another artist but none were in the vicinity, to her dismay.

When Tagumo suddenly attacked near the set, Charlie mistook Sara's orders as being bait for the octopus, and ran away. She ultimately returned when Sara was constrained by Tagumo's tentacle and distracted him, with Sara successfully shrinking the monster into the sewers. She was baffled when she saw Mick writing in the book, before Tagumo tried to kill Ishiro, when Garima , Mick's character, locked in combat with the beast, slaying Tagumo.

Back on the Waverider , Charlie apologized for pillaging Sara's bottles of wine and in reconciliation, the two toasted drinks. During Hank Heywood 's inspection of the Waverider and its crew, Charlie was wholeheartedly listening to rock music when Nate Heywood , who thought she was Amaya after being pranked by Mick to find her, hugged Charlie by surprise, to which she took offense and punched him in the face.

Sara and Ray explained how she became a Legend, but Nate disapproved of them keeping the creature pretending to be Amaya. Charlie snapped that she wasn't pretending to be anybody, as she was locked in Amaya's form without her consent. The two then agreed to fake their relationship in front of Hank, in order to prevent their funds from being cut off. When Charlie left the ship, she came across Nate, who tried shut her out. She took offense once more, but she reminded him that he should not take his "beef" with Amaya out on her just because she looked like his ex.

Suddenly, F. Charlie recognized it as the minotaur and told his story of being rejected by his father and hiding in the maze, at which point Nate suddenly left to come up with a plan. The team returned to the Waverider to smell Constantine's concoction in the library, where they found out how to put the minotaur to sleep. At Nate's going-away party, he assured Charlie that she'd eventually find her place within the team, as he once did. The two shared a toast and presumably parted on good terms.

When Charlie learned that her shape-shifting abilities weren't completely inaccessible, she notified John, who didn't know of any spell to reverse her situation, and thought that he'll want to exchange favors, sooner or later. After Charlie, Zari, and John learned that a dybbuk was amok in New Orleans , the three returned to the Waverider , but John had other plans with Charlie, and the two traveled to New Orleans , five months before John hunted fugitives with the Legends, as preventing his former self from meeting his most recent lover Desmond will also prevent the demon Neron from possessing him, also preventing a guilt-ridden Constantine from joining the Legends and casting the spell on Charlie.

She proceeded into the bar and successfully convinced John to drink and share stories at another place. When the two returned to the jump ship, their plan failed, as John had met Desmond a few days later instead, so they planned to return to New Orleans, but was stopped short by Gideon and Zari, who finally found out where and when they'd been and returned them to the Waverider.

Charlie then listened as John told them about his relationship with Desmond, to which Charlie realized he was stalling for him to escape once more to New Orleans after he met Desmond, and also told John of the tracker in his underpants. Charlie proceeded to the library and shape-shifted into John, except for her half of her face, when Zari came in to inform that there are no possible loopholes and saw that he was not John.

Charlie and Zari then proceeded to the jump ship, not before Charlie told why she supported John, which was to regain her immortality.

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Suddenly, the jump ship flew into a cataclysmic time wave, and Charlie found herself to have regained her shape-shifting ability and Zari to be a cat. Baffled by Zari the cat, Charlie decided to bring her back to the Waverider , but not before she dropped off at a casino in Las Vegas , where she transformed into Marilyn Monroe and saw Red , her leprechaun friend during her time in Mallus's realm.

The two reconnected, when Charlie told her friend to lay off of his magic because of the Legends. She then witnessed the Custodians of the Chronology storm the place and kill Red. The team introduced themselves to Charlie, who was in Marilyn Monroe's form, and returned to the Waverider.

Charlie followed them, heard Zari in the library, and wondered why she was a cat, to which Gideon, who had a holographic full-body human model, explained that the Custodians became homicidal due their disastrous encounter at Woodstock , and that the Fairy Godmother , who was also presumably killed, turned Zari into a cat. Charlie transformed into Sara and proceeded to the bridge, where she informed the team to change their shoot-on-site policy, but was easily discovered to not be Sara, as the captain was already dead.

Garima thrust her sword into Charlie, who healed instantly and escaped to the jumpship with Zari, flying to the Time Bureau headquarters in She infiltrated the establishment as Gary Green and saw Sara's plaque regarding her death to a unicorn , when Hank Heywood told his tardy employee of the Custodians' recent execution of a leprechaun. Charlie asked where John Constantine might be, to which Hank expressed his frustration, as Gary himself confined John into a cell.

Charlie found John and his record of being found insane for suspected time crimes.

She showed Zari to John, who transmogrified her back into human form, but ultimately returned her back to a cat, as she threatened to set the timeline back to its original course. They went out and saw Mona listening to their conversation, who was willing to help stop the Custodians, as they turned her friend Konane into a rug.

Horse dies. All alone. But wait And you can come back to the stars with us. The emotional intensity of this simplistic and manipulative space saga made me physically ill for days. They become friends despite their differences. The boy helps the angel get better.

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There is a war going on between earth and heaven. I think the boy or angels name was Ferron. Does anyone know the Name of this book? Need to find the title of this book. Patron is looking for an old book about 2 children that witness a murder by a blue bearded man. The man says a prayer with the word Temple in it. There was this crazy book I read last year about a girl who had a perfect life.

She was in band, had great grades, and a perfect boyfriend. But her world was turned upside down when she found out she had absorbed her twin in the womb. She realized her twin was completely opposite of her, and would take over her consciousness at night to hook up with the bad boy.

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Eventually she started leaving notes for the perfect twin to find in the morning. After many other crazy things happen, we find out the character has a heart problem, which she blames on her sister's heart being weak, and she ends up going to the hospital to get a new heart. Does this help anyone? I'm dying to find this book again.

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This book was along the lines of something by Judy Blume or Beverly Cleary. About a young boy who started out as a pain but who grew up. I specifically remember him coming home from school to an empty house, practicing his trombone, then having an afterschool snack which was portion controlled because he was pudgy and wanted to lose weight. I think he had trouble making friends, and that his mom being at work rather than home with him was a new thing.