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Make Puppet is self-explanatory: if the attacker wins, the target country becomes a satellite of the defender. Conversely, Release Puppet causes the target to cease being a puppet of the defender; in addition, if the attacker is a Great Power, the target country also joins the attacker's sphere of influence. It cannot be used on substates.

It is generally a preparatory step to forming a cultural union, e. Prussia releasing Holstein from under Denmark before forming Germany. Add to Sphere is a war by a GP against a non-GP, non-sphered country to add it to one's sphere of influence; Take from Sphere is against another GP to steal a country from its sphere.

This is the "easy", militaristic way for a Great Power to add a country to its sphere of influence.

Prim Limit

It is particularly useful when peaceful sphereing, by winning the influence war, is proving impossible e. For Add to Sphere, the rival GP is likely to intervene in the resulting war. Neither can be used to sphere a puppet; for that, use Release Puppet instead it has the side-effect of adding the country to the attacker's sphere. If enforced, the effect is to transfer all spherelings that share the countries' culture group from the defender to the attacker. Every day, there is 1. Therefore, the chance of being undiscovered at any particular day 'd' is equal to For example, if a casus belli takes days to justify, the chance of never being discovered is Therefore, the chance of getting some infamy n from a war justification that gives a max infamy penalty of m and takes d days to justify is equal to: 0.

Casus Belli

For example, if we are on 15 infamy and want to get 10 or less infamy to stay under the 25 infamy cap, but want to justify an acquire state cb that takes days and could give us 11 infamy, the chance of us staying under the infamy limit is:. Such calculations are useful in calculating the riskiness of justifying a casus belli.

Being involved in a Great War will allow a player to Add Wargoal on an enemy nation that is involved in the same Great War, without requiring a percentage of the population to support Jingoism. With patch 3.

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This page was last edited on 5 October , at Content is available under Attribution-ShareAlike 3. Target state is a substate's non-colony state in unmodded A House Divided this means the defender is China. Cede selected state to nation.

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If the country doesn't exist and attacker is a great power, it joins their sphere of influence. Give up cores on all territory also held as cores by other nation, and cede that territory to them. Satellite nation is freed and joins victor's sphere of influence if the victor is a great power. Become part of victor's sphere of influence. Does not result in a truce, so the victor can resume influence immediately.

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Aggressor must be a Great Power, target must be a Great Power, target has at least one nation sphered. Target must be an uncivilized country with only one state OR no more than 4 states if attacker is a great power and has researched Nationalism and Imperialism. Attacker's culture group has a cultural union but attacker is not that union; defender is in a different culture group but has a puppet of the attacker's culture group. Attacker must be a great power and have researched Nationalism and Imperialism. Automatic, doesn't need to be justified. Target state has a core of the cultural union of attacker's culture group, and defender is from different culture group. Cedes state to victor. Can only take the capital state if it's the defender's only state this is a separate CB. Attacker and defender are both Great Powers, in the same culture group, and not unions; defender has at least one sphere member of the same culture; attacker has Nationalism and Imperialism.

Must be a Great Power and Proletarian Dictatorship. Can be used against one's own puppet. Removes current government type and changes it to Proletarian Dictatorship, and adds them to victor's sphere of influence. Must not have a Communist ruling party. Given to a Great Power who intervenes in an Install Communism war when that war ends with communism being installed. Categories : Casus Belli Combat. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. Views View Edit Edit source History. This page was last edited on 25 December , at Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors.

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