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In keeping with the "Forever Wild" philosophy expressed by Gov.

A Critique of Mary Baxter's Book "A Divine Revelation of Hell"

Baxter, the park prohibits the use of audio or visual devices in any way that impairs the enjoyment of the park by others or that may disturb or harass wildlife. Winter hiking and camping regulations have been recently revised to provide more freedom for park visitors, coupled with a clear understanding that park visitors must take responsibility for their safety in the often unforgiving winter environment of the park.

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The park is open to overnight summer camping from May 15 to October 15 and winter camping from December 1 to March Only northbound long distance Appalachian Trail hikers can stay in the park without reservations; they are limited to one night's stay at The Birches camping area, which is limited to the first twelve hikers to sign in at an information kiosk several southbound trail miles away just inside the park's southern boundary. Park ponds and streams are open to either fly fishing or general law fishing as determined by the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife and the Baxter State Park Authority.

Park donor Percival Baxter directed that this area be managed for exemplary forest management. The area has been under active management for over 20 years and conducts sustainable, Forest Stewardship Council -certified management. Fire protection provided by the Maine Forest Service; waste disposal and recycling is addressed through the park's Carry-In, Carry-Out policy. Maintenance is done by the many volunteer workers and paid employees of the park. The current Park Director is Jensen Bissell. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The Boston Globe Magazine. The Boston Globe.


Retrieved Baxter State Park. Bangor Daily News. Protected areas of Maine. White Mountain. Appalachian Trail. No matter what her mother said, Elise would go to New York University. Maybe rent a flat in Chelsea, where other artists lived. Whatever happened next in her life, Elise made herself a promise that day. No more. She would go after her dream by herself. From that moment on. Every day her resolve grew, and with it a distance between her mom and her.

Something the two of them had never known before. Elise stopped going to church, and less laughter marked their dinners. Her mother definitely noticed. She would set her fork down beside her plate and look at Elise. Just look at her. Same question every night. Images from the past dissolved and Elise stared at a patch of tiny roses on the wall of her new bedroom. But her mother had no idea how serious Elise was about moving to New York. She was just a lonely single woman who talked often about how her best years were behind her. Even still, Elise figured things with her mom would work themselves out eventually.

But then the second thing happened. Elise stood and walked to the window. The sky was mostly dark now. Nighttime settling in. Elise blew at a wisp of her dark hair. Big day for sure. No friends or guys. Not if she wanted to be serious about NYU. Elise turned toward the door.


Things got worse with her mother after that. When the second thing happened her junior year. She met Randy Collins. He was the same age, a linebacker on the football team with a reputation as bad off the field as on it. Elise knew who he was, of course, but one Friday night, the two of them wound up at the same party.

Randy had a beer in his hand when he walked up to her. His lips curved into a smile, his words slurred. She lowered her chin. She played along. The new Elise was taking shape by the second. And as she did she felt something inside her shift. She was flirting, and talking close to a boy at a party. And a thought occurred to her. His presence was intoxicating enough. She pulled away from the window and glanced at the mirror on the dresser.

Randy used to say she looked like Belle in Beauty and the Beast. A wisp of a girl all long brown hair and big blue eyes. And he was the Beast.

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A few blinks and Elise shook her head. She was a bad girl, about to make good with her life. Tonight was meat loaf, with ketchup and something crispy. Onions maybe. The green beans were cold, but that was her fault, for being late to dinner. Uncle Ken spent most of the meal talking about a client. Someone loud and pushy. One still poked out from his lips as he waved his free hand in circles. Then he poured himself a second glass of wine.

Seemed the more Ken drank, the angrier he got. For the most part Aunt Carol nodded and sipped her own glass. These two drank a bottle a night. Ken kept talking, something about his boss. Carol seemed to do her best to look sympathetic. Another sip of wine. Not now that she was away from Randy, anyway. Her mother never drank. Crashed his pickup into a tree. Anyway, the drinking made Elise uneasy. Or maybe just sad. Because the life her aunt and uncle lived felt meaningless.

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  8. The walls were closing in down here, too. When dinner was over, she helped Carol with the dishes. Take on her part of the chores.