Aimee’s “Aim-azing” (Vegan) Chocolate Chip Cookies (Aimee E.’s À La Carte Recipes)

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I made 2 ounce balls of dough which resulted in a 3-inch cookie rather than the huge cookies proposed in this recipe. I followed all the weighted measurements. I no longer trust cup measure. Measuring by weight ensures a consistent product. Chocolate Chip Cookies. Posted by food je t'aime at PM 12 comments. Chilean Sea Bass with Pea Tendrils.

Liste des marques pour les produits par lieu de vente : Algérie - France

I had leftover broth from the mussels I made the day before. The broth was too delicious to just pour down the drain. I had just enough to cover a beautiful fillet of chilean sea bass. Into a saute pan it went. After bringing the broth up to a simmer, I placed the 7 oz piece of fish in the pan and let it cook for 7 minutes--one minute per ounce. Simply poaching the sea bass in such a delicate broth resulted in a pure, untainted piece of gorgeous fish. There was nothing to mask its fresh sweetness.

I paired it with some young, tender pea tendrils that were simply sauteed with some garlic and salt. Simple perfection. Labels: Recipes , Seafood. Wednesday, January 20, Green-Lipped Mussels. On this rainy day, I have nothing to do but contemplate the female sexuality. I am trapped in a room with no kitchen and only Sleeping Beauty and Prince Tristan and a collection of lusty poems from my English class.

Yet in the end, my thoughts return to food. The stiff, proud stalk of an asparagus,. Food is sensual.

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This deliciously inviting mussel resembles another muscle Lemongrass Green Mussels. I love green-lipped mussels. They're so much meatier and tastier than the smaller P. Every time I see them at Whole Foods, I buy every last green-lipped mussel they have. This is my favorite way of preparing them.

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The Thai-inspired broth is deliciously lemony and fresh with a spicy heat from the serrano pepper. Cut the stalk of lemongrass into pieces, dice the shallot, zest and juice the lime, and cut ginger into large slices. Combine with fish stock, water, rice wine vinegar, salt, and sugar. Bring to boil and reduce by a third. While the broth is reducing, clean and de-beard the mussels. Strain the reduce broth through a sieve and reserve.

In a large pot, saute minced garlic, sliced serrano pepper, and grated ginger in the sesame oil. Add the mussels to the pot with some salt. Transfer some of the broth to the pot with the mussels.

Add enough to cover the mussels only halfway. Cover and let the mussels cook until they open. Plate in a shallow bowl along with some broth and enjoy with someone you love. Posted by food je t'aime at PM 3 comments. Labels: Mussels , Recipes , Seafood , Thai.

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  • Liste des marques pour les produits par lieu de vente : Algérie - France.
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Butternut squash are a real pain-in-the-ass to peel. They look innocent enough--with their pale orange skin and cute oblong shape. But damn, that skin is thick!

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However, once you manage to fight your way through the skin, I have learned that you will be rewarded with a beautiful, bright, orange flesh that becomes so tender and sweet once you cook it. This was my first time cooking butternut squash, and I decided to just cube the flesh and roast it in the oven with a little olive oil, salt, and pepper. Sprinkle over a nice bed of romaine--or even better, peppery, spicy arugula --and you have yourself a colorful, filling salad. Roasted Butternut Squash Salad. I don't have exact measures for the ingredients. It all kind of depends on how much salad you're making and the amount of toppings you prefer.

I just came up with this combination based on what I had on hand. I lightly roasted the walnuts in a small non-stick skillet with a sprinkling of sugar. This resulted in a warm toasty nut that wasn't coated with an obscene amount of sugar. However, the salty, crunchy bacon made all the difference! It provided a really nice contrast to the sweet, soft butternut squash. My beautiful toppings, waiting to be scattered across a bed of lettuce.

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The balsamic dressing I used was also very simple--just a quick whisking of balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Definitely try this salad with arugula. It is the perfect combination! Posted by food je t'aime at PM 0 comments. Labels: Recipes , Salad. Wednesday, January 13, Hazelnut Pistachio Nougat. I think I've mentioned before my weakness for sweets involving the whipping of egg whites and sugar.

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This includes: meringues, macarons, and nougats. Three of my biggest loves. Meringues were the first thing I attempted to make when I got an electric hand mixer. After that, macarons became my obsession. Recently, the gastronomic world has also become macaron-obsessed.

Therefore, when I stumbled across a nougat recipe a few week ago, I became determined to give it a try.

Halfway through the process I wasn't sure if I would end up with actually nougats.